International Conference on Functional Materials and Metallurgy 2016 (ICoFM)


Functional materials are generally characterized as those materials which possess particular native properties and functions of their own that serving specified applications needs. Functional materials are found in all classes of materials in metals, ceramics, polymers and organic molecules that are importance for sustainable energy applications is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the research, development, manufacture and application of materials.


Metallurgical engineering is a discipline concerned with extracting metals from their ores, and the development, production and use of metallic materials. Metallurgical engineering is based on the principles of science and engineering, and may be divided into process metallurgy, which is concerned with extracting metals from their ores to make refined alloys, and physical metallurgy, which involves the shaping, alloying, heat treatment, joining, corrosion protection and testing of metals.


Metals are so widely used in engineering because they possess unique combinations of mechanical properties (strength, ductility and toughness) plus special physical characteristics (electrical and thermal conductivity), which could not be achieved by other materials. In addition to thousands of traditional alloys, there are many exciting new materials under development for modern engineering applications, for example aluminum-lithium alloys, high strength low alloy steels and metal matrix composites. The aim of functional materials and metallurgy is to develop new applications and create competitive advantage through material technologies.


The 2nd International Conference on Functional Materials and Metallurgy (ICoFM 2016) is organized by the Centre for Frontier Materials Research, School of Materials Engineering, UniMAP will become a perfect platform to share, discuss and exchange ideas on the latest development and recent findings in research studies related to new development, synthesis and characterization of new materials in the field of renewable energy and bio-medical applications. Among the target groups are scientist/researchers, academicians and expert from relevant industries, government agencies, universities and research institutions.


Objectives of Conference

  • Provide a platform for sharing and discussion of knowledge and information for research findings at international level among researchers, academicians, engineers and professional members in functional materials and metallurgy engineering (metals, functional polymers and composite, ceramics and electronic materials).
  • Dissemination and sharing of technology among researchers, engineers and professional members involved in the manufacturing industry, consumption, marketing and distribution of advanced materials and value added materials.
  • Enhance the network between participants and presenters through the sharing of their knowledge, experience and achievement.
  • Encourage the growth of new research.


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