Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)

UniMAP boasts itself as a true-blue technical university which fulfills the interest of students who are inclined towards quality engineering education. UniMAP graduates are budding engineers who have been groomed to be competent and confident enough to explore entrepreneurial possibilities upon graduation. They are expected to not only exhibit excellence in knowledge and skills directly related to their engineering fields of study, but are also proficient in communication and ICT skills, as well as possessing unsurpassed traits of professionalism and patriotism. It is hoped that because their education has been excellent, they will become the engineering leaders for tomorrow. Indeed this is a testimony of UniMAP’s commitment to Engineering as a discipline.


School of Materials Engineering

 In accordance to the country’s industrial requirements and Vision 2020, there is a need for professionals in the Materials Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering and semi-professional labour in Metallurgy Engineering. Thus, these programs aim to produce skilled and professional manpower with firm knowledge in the field of Materials Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering and Polymer Engineering.


Centre for Frontier Materials Research      

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